Vitl Branding
Vitl animation

App loading animation

As part of the rebrand, 3 different graphics were created to signify different areas of the business; Vitamins, DNA & Meal Plans. The app loading animation that we created transitions between these three different graphics.

Vitl | Year: 2018

UX design, iconography & animation:

Vitl are a wellness startup, providing tailor-made vitamin packages to their customers. Following a rebrand, we were tasked with rolling out the new brand across various assets, including the website, app, iconography and animated assets.



Icons for the 'goals' area of the Vitl website and app

Vitl Branding

My Vitl

Goals area of the website and app


Above: Order flow

Basket, checkout and order confirmation designs

Vitl Design

Forms, hover & active states

Vitl Spinner
Vitl Tick


Loading spinner and confirmation tick